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music production - MIDI

Level 2::: Credit Value 1


Running currently : 12 or 14 weeks 2 hours per week

Course Leader: Searahlaine St James

The best starting point for someone new to using computers in music production. You will learn the basics of Propellerheads popular and powerful music generating software 'Reason'.This year we are using the brand new Reason 8

With the use of a Mac based music workstation and piano keyboard, you'll be guided through a series of fun exercises to give you the technical skills you need to get creative.

There are no exams and no written assignments - all assessments are classroom based.

By the end of the course you  be able to

  • create, edit arrange and save MIDI song files and export them to CD

You will need:

  • A basic knowledge of computers - this will be tested at the introductory meeting for this course
  • An enthusiasm for music - you don't need any prior knowledge of music, but it helps if you do.

This course leads on nicely to Music Production - Audio

£80 Centre Registration fee gives access to this and any other accredited course started during the current academic year. Free to members.

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