On arrival it seemed that the sun was being shy and needed our adventurous spirits to bring it forward.

A break from the hustle and bustle of the city to a calm and serene environment. Less than two hours away we arrived to a place of peace and tranquility.

It was peak hours and the people were so relaxed and it felt like everyone was on holiday. Maybe, it was the attitude and calmness in people’s mannerisms which I never took notice before. Probably because in London I never look around and admired the scenic beauty, everyone seems so busy and has somewhere to be, ear phones in or facing their phones and tunnel vision on their journey.

We ate at the world famous award winning fish and chip shop Harry Ramsden and it didn’t fail to please, the fish was so fresh and succulent, it was mouthwatering and a bit of happiness to start the day.
We went through the town centre and looked at the variety of food restaurants and street food available. We actually seen a queue for Mc Donald’s it seemed so bizarre and rather hilarious that you had to book a table to eat at Mc Donald’s. It must be some McDonald’s as this was the first time I ever come across this.

We sat on the table looking at the sea and admiring the sun gently touching the face, arms and a warm breeze. I dipped my feet in the sand and Henrietta was brave enough to get into her swimming costume and brave it into the sea.

The hard cold pebbles really hurt the soles of the feet, so going barefoot wasn’t the best idea nor was wearing sandals. However, we walked further along and found a sandy beach which was more manage able. I found myself walking deeper and deeper into the sea.

At this point Hernrietta was bathing in the sea and said it was a spiritual cleanse and in her mind she felt she was in Tenerife. In actuality if I closed my eyes, the sounds of the waves, the warm weather, the glistening sun on my skin did feel like I could be somewhere in the Mediterranean.

Along the beach there were hotels and palm trees, we took pictures and imagined it was the Caribbean. It was a very relaxing experience good conversation, good weather, great food and a change from the norm which not only fed your appetite but even the soul.