Post discharge and community support


Canerows offers peer support to people who have recently left hospital and those needing short term support in the community.

We’re knowledgeable about making a difference

Canerows is a user led service working to improve the lives of people who are overcoming mental health issues, particularly people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds who are over-represented in the mental health system.

Canerows is based at Sound Minds and is led by Mia Morris OBE.

For more info call Mia on 07395 359235

Mama Low's Kitchen

Mama Low’s Kitchen

Mama Low’s Kitchen is a user led drop-in based at the Katherine Low Settlement.

Mama’s is open every Friday throughout the year. As well as a low cost meal there is internet access and peer support, and a programme of outings and other activities.

Mama’s is open to Wandsworth residents only and is free to attend.

Contact Sound Minds, call in, or download the referral form.


Clients from Canerows

Ward Visiting

Visitors engage in activities and offer non professional and practical help and advice. Views and suggestions are gathered and fed back to staff, helping to improve aspects of in patient care.

If you are interested in becoming a paid ward visitor then get in touch with. This is a rewarding experience and often opens up routes to further employment.

Pre and post Discharge Peer Support

If you are about to leave hospital in Wandsworth then we can offer phone support to help you through the process. We also provide in person post discharge support. Sometimes it can be a challenge to put your life back on track and find someone who understands. Peer support offers help, support and friendship from people who have had similar experiences.

Consultation and Events

Canerows organises regular consultation and information sharing forums on topics of concern to service users, offering a chance to socialise and contribute to the development of local services.

What our clients say

“I have a great time every Friday. The company is fantastic and it’s not far for me to come. I enjoy the company and food and activities I have been coming to Mama Lows even if you’re having a bad day there is always someone to cheer you up.”
The Invisible Man
Service User
“Mama Lows is always welcoming and inviting. With no prejudices and no discrimination. We all get along together with no arguments and everyone is happy or cheered up, as all activities are open to all and easy to follow and get involved. Even if one doesn’t think one is capable we are encouraged and inspired.”
Service User
“The thing I most love about Mama Lows is the coming together of everyone- the sense of community and fellowship.”
Service User
“Teaching the street jazz dance is always a joy and rewarding seeing the students progress every week. The socializing is good as a great bunch of people we are like a little community.”
Team Member
“I think that Mama Lows kitchen is good for me because Sam is a great cook and I like playing music on the laptop.”
Service User