New exhibition in our Bloom Gallery: ‘Two Faced’

We are currently hosting an amazing exhibition showcasing the work of artist ‘Two Faced’.

‘Two Faced’ has been working as an artist for over 10 years. He mainly uses sharpie pens and is strongly influenced by Picasso as well as street art.

‘As a child, drawing was the only thing that really made me focus. Today ideas just develop as I work, as if they come from nowhere.’

‘Two faced’ is also interested in fashion, printing a series of his artwork designs onto t-shirts and sweatshirts. ‘Givenchy was inspired (and stole!) my work once!’

The exhibition will be open on Tuesdays 12-5pm and Fridays 2-5pm with a special evening event on Tuesday 14th May at 5pm to celebrate the artist’s work. We do hope to see you there!