Using Zoom 

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What is Zoom?

Zoom is really useful and simple to use bit of software that you can use for personal video calls. 

Why Zoom?

Well because it is now very widely known and it’s free. It’s also particularly good when you want to talk to a group of people (for a meeting for example)

What device will I need?

You can use a smart phone, otherwise you will need an internet connected device (office style PCs, Macs, laptops, and tablets such as ipads) –  anything with a camera and mic.

Zoom works on all devices and you can communicate with everyone else using any of these.

If you’re planning to use a desktop machine or a laptop they don’t all come with a webcam and microphone, so check first.

Will I need an internet connection?

As Zoom works over the internet it’s no surprise you’ll need an internet connection. If you have it, use Wifi or a wired connection to your device via a home modem or router (installed by your provider such as BT etc.). If you are out and about, try using wifi in a public place.

If you don’t have internet at home and you are using ‘mobile data’ on a mobile phone, there are some warnings…..

  • Video is sometimes not smooth. This will happen when you have bad phone reception or an older phone. 
  • Video calls on Zoom can use up ‘data’ quite quickly, so check your phone contract if you are concerned about this.

How does Zoom work?

Zoom meetings have a ‘host’ (the person organizing it) and a start time. As it’s over the internet you won’t get a phone call. Instead you are invited to the Zoom meeting by the host in the form of an email or it could be via ‘Whatsapp’ or a text.

The invitation contains details of the meeting and most importantly an internet ‘link’ to click. 

To join the meeting you just wait for the start time, click on the link and follow the simple instructions and away you go!

OPTIONAL but recommended:

Zoom will work more smoothly if you install the free software in advance.

On an Android phone–

  • go to Playstore and search for ‘’ There is a ‘paid for’ version but you don’t need that, use the free one

On an iPhone –

  • go to the App store search for ‘’

On a Mac computer go to… 

  • App store search for ‘’

On a PC computer (Microsoft)…

  • search in any search engine for ‘ download for meetings’.


Click to install it. When you open the app it’ll ask you for a few details and that’s it!.